Thursday, February 26, 2009

Long overdue update

Well I have made a little progress on Beatrix Potter, but not much. We've been very busy, it's hockey season and around our house that means lots of road trips. Plus we've had strep going thru the family so that cut into stitching time too.

Here's the latest progress of Beatrix:

I surprised my hubby with this pillow for Valentine's Day. It's from The Sampler Girl and it's entitled "My Everything." I changed the colors to make it more masculine looking and I used a plaid fabric to finish it with. I was very pleased with how it turned out.

I also stitched these two little ornies, haven't finished them yet, but they were a quick stitch. They too are from The Sampler Girl and are entitled "Dash Away All." The fabric in the picture will be the backing fabric that I use to finish them with.

I've got another WIP going right now too. It's by Shepherd's Bush and it's entitled "Bulb", no progress photo yet, but I'll have one next time. I hope to update a little quicker next time. Hockey season will be over soon so things will slow down a little bit.

Until next time,


Shari said...

everything looks great Julie! I love the pillow for your husband. I wanted to get that pattern, but didn't! Still may have to!!!
Love the little ornaments too. So cute!
Keep plugging along on the BP. You have WAY MORE than I do done!!

Renee said...

GREAT pictures Julie! I love the pillow you stitched for your DH!!! Great job! Your BP is really looking so pretty!!!! Those ornaments turned out really cute too!!!

Hope those strep germs are gone for good!

Lynn B said...

Julie the Beatrix Potter is looking gorgeous, I have visited the house in the Lake District and seen this original cross stitch piece on the wall.

Anonymous said...